Dray portrait


Dray Lyden

Funnily enough, I never actually enjoyed gardening growing up. That’s probably due to the fact that the only time I got stuck into the garden was when my mother roped us into pulling weeds for the day! But my feelings towards the great outdoors thankfully changed in time.

While searching for work, I spent some of my spare time growing vegetables around the house, which I found most rewarding. Now, I was starting to notice all of these green things everywhere (apparently called “plants”) and they turned out to be more interesting and beautiful than I had first realised!

Funnily enough again, it was actually my mother who suggested that I try working self employed as a gardener. So I did! A bit of volunteering at the botanical gardens, some experience gained working for others, one horticulture course later and here we are. So I guess you could say my mother succeeded in roping me into weeding once again, and I thank her for that.

I now enjoy running Gardens by Dray working with my clients to create and maintain beautiful and functional spaces. It’s an ever rewarding, always learning process that also enables me to spend time in another type of volunteer work close to my heart.

We hope to hear from you soon!