Our mission is to continually minimise our impact on the environment and to promote healthy ecosystems around us. Here a few examples of things we do to try and achieve this:


We are always investigating new products with less environmental impact such as biodegradable gloves and weed wacker line. Some products take far too many years to break down, so we want to select products that will break down faster and use less landfill space. 


We prefer using natural or non hazardous chemicals wherever possible, and of course manual weeding eliminates the need for chemicals at all! We also like working with sustainable soil suppliers like ZooDoo, turning zoo animal waste into great soil at a great price. To top it off, they give back to society by donating profits to Suicide Prevention.


We build an eco conscious mentality into all our work processes, such as using mowers with a mulch plug to recycle nutrients back into the lawns. While things like weed mat have their place, we prefer to imitate nature’s blueprint by opting for mulches, ground cover plants and biodiversity to promote healthier ecosystems for all.

Future goals

We recognize the many benefits of battery power tools and aim to switch our entire power tool range over to battery power. Oh, and what about an electric van? Stay tuned for more…